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189,271,893 companies - 72 countries

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Åland Islands410Nodisplay
the Republic of Albania600Nodisplay
the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria990Nodisplay
American Samoa50Nodisplay
the Principality of Andorra630Nodisplay
the Republic of Angola850Nodisplay
Antigua and Barbuda7990Nodisplay
the Argentine Republic82,8920Nodisplay
the Republic of Armenia1260Nodisplay
the Republic of Azerbaijan1310Nodisplay
the Commonwealth of The Bahamas3,2070Nodisplay
the People's Republic of Bangladesh1880Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Belgium750,2833,765,385Nodisplay
the Republic of Belarus253133,658Nodisplay
the Republic of Benin7320Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Bhutan130Nodisplay
the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela31,6370Nodisplay
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba9940Nodisplay
Bosnia and Herzegovina1960Nodisplay
Bouvet Island320Nodisplay
the Federative Republic of Brazil192,8031,000,000Nodisplay
British Indian Ocean Territory (the)20Nodisplay
British Virgin Islands (the)5270Nodisplay
Brunei Darussalam650Nodisplay
the Republic of Bulgaria563837,504Nodisplay
Burkina Faso1,5140Nodisplay
the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia1560Nodisplay
the Republic of Chad8420Nodisplay
the Czech Republic4,926,8954,926,895Yesdisplay
the Republic of Chile29,3470Nodisplay
the Republic of Croatia665135,547Nodisplay
the People's Republic of China88412,360,385Nodisplay
Cook Islands (the)190Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Denmark200,2761,321,684Nodisplay
the Democratic Republic of the Congo270Nodisplay
the Commonwealth of Dominica7780Nodisplay
the Dominican Republic3,0960Nodisplay
the Republic of Djibouti4560Nodisplay
the Arab Republic of Egypt8,49862,239Nodisplay
the Republic of Ecuador3,5480Nodisplay
the Republic of Estonia496234,235Nodisplay
the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia1010Nodisplay
Faroe Islands (the)52896Nodisplay
the Federated States of Micronesia110Nodisplay
the Republic of Fiji540Nodisplay
the Republic of the Philippines1,62614Nodisplay
the Republic of Finland80,704886,947Nodisplay
French Guiana617,689Nodisplay
French Southern Territories (the)20Nodisplay
French Polynesia38861Nodisplay
the French Republic195,52917,307,607Nodisplay
the Gabonese Republic1,2640Nodisplay
the Republic of The Gambia3370Nodisplay
the Republic of Ghana40319,542Nodisplay
the Republic of Guatemala17,7750Nodisplay
the Republic of Guinea50Nodisplay
Heard Island and McDonald Islands10Nodisplay
the Republic of Honduras4,059688Nodisplay
the Republic of India57,6815,000,000Nodisplay
the Republic of Indonesia141,1430Nodisplay
the Republic of Iraq2681,847Nodisplay
the Islamic Republic of Iran3,76426,104Nodisplay
the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan250Nodisplay
the Republic of Iceland1910Nodisplay
the Republic of Italy260,4436,107,034Nodisplay
the Republic of Yemen1,4890Nodisplay
the Republic of South Africa1,083664,791Nodisplay
the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan16,2401,613Nodisplay
Cayman Islands (the)2,1810Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Cambodia620Nodisplay
the Republic of Cameroon1,1470Nodisplay
the Republic of Cape Verde1780Nodisplay
the Republic of Kenya2,5190Nodisplay
the Republic of Colombia274,5610Nodisplay
the Republic of the Congo1,4260Nodisplay
the Democratic People's Republic of Korea1130Nodisplay
the Republic of Korea644449,722Nodisplay
the Republic of Costa Rica15,8010Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Bahrain7,5020Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Lesotho230Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia26,2490Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Tonga190Nodisplay
the Republic of Cuba2,1920Nodisplay
the Republic of Cyprus2,5660Nodisplay
the Kyrgyz Republic746,688Nodisplay
the Lao People's Democratic Republic280Nodisplay
the Lebanese Republic9,76033,097Nodisplay
the Republic of Liberia41262Nodisplay
the Principality of Liechtenstein5245,273Nodisplay
the Republic of Lithuania374260,973Nodisplay
the Republic of Latvia291312,720Nodisplay
the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg35,896121,754Nodisplay
the Republic of Madagascar2,0560Nodisplay
the Republic of Maldives330Nodisplay
the Republic of Malta3340Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Morocco2980Nodisplay
the Republic of Mauritius3,0570Nodisplay
the Islamic Republic of Mauritania9340Nodisplay
United States Minor Outlying Islands (the)20Nodisplay
the Plurinational State of Bolivia5,5950Nodisplay
the Republic of Moldova1270Nodisplay
the Principality of Monaco1530Nodisplay
the Republic of Mozambique1010Nodisplay
the Republic of Namibia1480Nodisplay
the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal1170Nodisplay
the Independent State of Samoa300Nodisplay
the Federal Republic of Nigeria4576,000Nodisplay
the Republic of the Niger7290Nodisplay
the Republic of Nicaragua6,3260Nodisplay
the Kingdom of the Netherlands887,7402,714,675Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Norway1,285,9371,162,132Nodisplay
New Caledonia290Nodisplay
New Zealand67,091200,984Nodisplay
the Occupied Palestinian Territory6840Nodisplay
Isle of Man1070Nodisplay
Norfolk Island10Nodisplay
Turks and Caicos Islands (the)4970Nodisplay
Wallis and Futuna Islands10Nodisplay
the Islamic Republic of Pakistan2400Nodisplay
the Republic of Panama27,2507,500Nodisplay
Papua New Guinea610Nodisplay
the Republic of Paraguay1240Nodisplay
the Republic of Peru31,6651,295,134Nodisplay
the Republic of Poland4,289,6244,191,701Nodisplay
Puerto Rico71,7670Nodisplay
the Portuguese Republic5,8792,250,362Nodisplay
the Republic of Austria347,464464,211Nodisplay
the Hellenic Republic4,3601,000,000Nodisplay
the Republic of Botswana1000Nodisplay
the Republic of Burundi6410Nodisplay
the Republic of Guinea-Bissau1040Nodisplay
the Republic of Haiti520Nodisplay
the Republic of Kazakhstan246365,371Nodisplay
the Republic of Malawi1,0950Nodisplay
the Republic of Mali1,3230Nodisplay
the Republic of the Marshall Islands1760Nodisplay
the Republic of the Union of Myanmar920Nodisplay
the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire1,959875Nodisplay
the Republic of Equatorial Guinea3640Nodisplay
the Republic of Rwanda9850Nodisplay
the Republic of San Marino320Nodisplay
the Republic of Sierra Leone450Nodisplay
the Republic of Serbia301173,267Nodisplay
the Republic of Tajikistan350Nodisplay
the Togolese Republic8350Nodisplay
the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago5,6620Nodisplay
the Republic of Uzbekistan1130Nodisplay
the Republic of Vanuatu330Nodisplay
the Republic of Zimbabwe2600Nodisplay
the Russian Federation5,4548,559,211Nodisplay
Saint Pierre and Miquelon60Nodisplay
Solomon Islands (the)170Nodisplay
the Republic of El Salvador5,6460Nodisplay
the Republic of Senegal1,1980Nodisplay
the Republic of Seychelles9090Nodisplay
the Republic of Singapore159,034437,725Nodisplay
the Slovak Republic1,168,252760,115Nodisplay
the Republic of Slovenia509375,205Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Spain657,5426,400,000Nodisplay
the United Arab Emirates45,5700Nodisplay
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland4,562,9583,148,692Nodisplay
the United States of America26,045,62278,000,000Nodisplay
the United Mexican States360,3441,525,664Nodisplay
the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands130Nodisplay
the Federal Republic of Germany2,195,0534,508,646Nodisplay
the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka2810Nodisplay
the State of Israel587200,957Nodisplay
the State of Qatar9,0670Nodisplay
the State of Kuwait3,6060Nodisplay
the Central African Republic4380Nodisplay
the Republic of the Sudan1200Nodisplay
the Sultanate of Oman5,3920Nodisplay
the Republic of Suriname520Nodisplay
Saint Lucia1,2470Nodisplay
Saint Kitts and Nevis1000Nodisplay
Holy See (the) (Vatican City State)210Nodisplay
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines5460Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Swaziland280Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Sweden13,6042,538,174Nodisplay
the Swiss Confederation632,2161,374,934Nodisplay
Syrian Arab Republic10,9860Nodisplay
United Republic of Tanzania3200Nodisplay
Taiwan (Province of China)508145,750Nodisplay
the Kingdom of Thailand28,3300Nodisplay
the Republic of Tunisia1470Nodisplay
the Republic of Turkey75,959454,963Nodisplay
the Republic of Uganda2,9770Nodisplay
the Eastern Republic of Uruguay2420Nodisplay
Christmas Island40Nodisplay
the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam3120Nodisplay
the Republic of Zambia1360Nodisplay
the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China152,240193,806Nodisplay
Macao Special Administrative Region of China410Nodisplay