Company is active

Companies with the same registered field of business

NameCompany ID numberHeadquarters
THE UNICORNPo Box 113045, Tania Bayda Property, Sodeco, Beirut
THE EASTERN PLASTICPo Box 333, Mounir & Charles Obeid Property, The Industrial City, Bauchrieh, Baabda
THE CO - OPERATION CORabah Faour 1043 Property, Haret Hreik; Baabda
THE LEBANESE CHICKENNagib Jurdi Property, Ras Beirut; Beirut
THE LOYAL COPo Box 618-14; The Corporation Property, Beirut; Beirut
THE GREEN GARDENKnieo Property, Husseini, Raouche, Beirut
THE CONSULTANT R SDolphine Center, Raouche, Beirut, Beirut
THE ARTISTIC KITCHENPo Box 1011-90; Yassouh El Malak Ascending, Main Street, Zouk Mosbeh; Baabda
THE TWO STARS CONahas Property, Zalka; Baabda