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Companies with the same registered field of business

NameCompany ID numberHeadquarters
AUTO WALIDYoussef Nouar Property, Damas Road, Furn El Chebbak, Baabda
WALID NASSER & ASSOCIATESPo Box 116-2344; Beirut
WALID ABOU AZIZ ESTHis Own Property, Boutchai, Baabda
WALID CHEIKHA TRADING ESTThe Camp Property, Ghbeiri, Baabda
EL WALID FOR TRADINGArakji Property, Beirut
WALID DEMACHKIEH TRADING ESTPo Box 6502-11, Real Estate 1449, Beirut, Beirut
ABOU WALID FRUITS & VEGETABLESSibai Property, Ain El Roummaneh, Chyah, Beirut
WALID AZZAM TRADING ESTNawal Farche Property, Bater, Beirut
WALID & JIHAD HILAL COPo Box 30048, The Co. Property, Amroussiye, Shoueifat, Beirut