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Companies with the same registered field of business

NameCompany ID numberHeadquarters
GRANDE ILEBp. 11077; Antananarivo
ILE MAURICEBp. 6040; Antananarivo 101
TAILLERIE GDE ILE15, Rue P. Ratsimba; Antananarivo
TAILLERIE ILE ROUGE241, Rte Circulaire; Antananarivo
MENUISERIE GRANDE ILEBld Gl. Ratsimandrava; Antananarivo
GRAND ILE VOYAGES77, Rue Solombavambahoaka; Antananarivo
LA GAZETTE GRANDE ILEAnkorahotra; Antananarivo
LA GALERIE GRANDE ILEAndranomena; Antananarivo