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Companies with the same registered field of business

NameCompany ID numberHeadquarters
VIDEO BEAMCll95 9a-08; Bogota
AQUARIU_S VIDEOCl 22 22-26; Armenia; Quindio
FOX VIDEOCr64 A 52 A 31; Medellin
Multicanal VideoCl 5 66-96 L-24; Cali; Valle del Cauca
Video CentroCr8 6-25; FundaciĆ³n; Magdalena
Video GhostCl 5 64-32 L-24; Cali; Valle del Cauca
Video J.J.Cr9 14-70; Buga; Valle del Cauca
VIDEO LUKASCll147 13-37 L-13-21; Bogota
Video NataliaCr7 8-84 Yumbo; Cali; Valle del Cauca